From our School site Gladstone Dominates World Robotics Championship! Anaheim, California (April 21, 2012)

Vancouver’s Gladstone Secondary School is on top of the world this weekend, after taking home first and second place finishes at the VEX Robotics World Championship. This is the first time that a Canadian team has earned the top spot, but even more remarkable is that for the winning “Robosavages” team their toughest competition came from their own classmates.

 The VEX Robotics World Championship, held in Anaheim, California, brought together 400 of the top high school robotics teams from around the world. After two days of qualifying rounds, teams formed alliances to enter the playoffs. The winning Gladstone team allied with teams from California and New Zealand, while their classmates and eventual opponents in the final allied with a team from Hawaii, and team “Exothermic Blaze”, from Redmond, Washington. Each alliance advanced through divisional playoffs before meeting in the main arena in front of thousands of spectators.

 The double victory caps an exciting year for Gladstone teacher and team sponsor, Todd Ablett, who received the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in November for his work developing Gladstone’s robotics program. “I’d like to thank our dedicated students, our amazing staff and our biggest sponsor… the parents!” Ablett said following the final match.

Lance Balcom, president of the Pacific Youth Robotics Society (PYRS), and a key organizer of robotics events in BC pointed out that, “The key to their victory was a complete redesign of their robot following the BC Championships. They went from having a strong scoring robot to being a defensive juggernaut. They simply shut down their opponents throughout the elimination rounds.” Other BC schools represented at the event included David Thompson Secondary from Vancouver and Cambie Secondary, from Richmond, who also put in a strong showing, making it through to their divisional semi-finals.

There are over sixty VEX robotics teams in BC. Teams have the opportunity to qualify for the world championships at five tournaments held in Courtenay, Richmond, at the BC Institute of Technology, and in Washington State. PYRS Secretary Jason Brett observed, “This was the culmination of hundreds of hours of work by the students. Not only did they work all year to qualify for ‘Worlds’, but planning and fundraising for the trip took months. The commitment and dedication of the students and their teachers is truly astounding.” The Gladstone Secondary teams are flying back to Vancouver on Tuesday, arriving at YVR at 12:15pm.

Robosavages Win 2012 World Championship

Yes it is  true ! 2W wins the World Champions with 569 and 2900A as their alliance partners! 2D places second with team 10B and 1973 D.

Very surreal right now but take a look at the following links

A picture of us on the right … with all of the winners from the VRC Gateway 2011-2012 Championships !

A picture of us with a final cheer after our win.

The Province

Global TV Video

Vancouver Sun Web site

and check out this video by our own Tommy, Lisa and Jenny (they made this before we even left for the worlds)


More to follow!









A new name?! ROBOSAVAGES

Gladstone robotics, will refer to its teams as Robosavages.   The name change is to differentiate us from other schools named Gladstone (there are a few) and most importantly to pay tribute to Mr Michael Savage, a former teacher at Gladstone who worked with Mr Ablett to start our engineering classes which lead to our participation in VEX robotics.  Mr Savage passed away in 2004 after a battle with cancer. 

Great results from Washington State VRC Championships

Saturday February 25th 2012, ten teams from Gladstone competed in the robotics tournament in Redmond Washington.  There were a total of 58 teams present from Washington, Oregon, California and of course B.C.  When the dust had settled 2A , 2W with 1492A were the tournament winners with 2D, 2V and 10B finishing in second.  Six of our teams made the playoffs and 2K won a Enginnering Award.

Thanks to the organizers and hosts of this great tournament, we have seen it grow from 18 teams to nearly 60 in just a few years.  We hope everyone can come to the tournament at BCIT on March 10th and maybe set a record for teams there too.

Our next competition Washington Saturday Feb 25th 2012

Before the bus leaves you will need to complete your paperwork, there is the consent form (front and back) and the behavior expectation (front) and the medical (back). So the two forms need to be filled in front and back Field trip Redmond Feb 2012

Before you leave Friday afterschool you need to know who is taking your robot home and have all of your equipment packed to compete. We have NO ACCESS to the school on saturday morning.

The bus will be leaving the front of Gladstone at 5:30am…YES 5:30 AM if you show up too late you may be waving good bye as we drive by and wave back.  Please don’t be late.

You will need the following 3 things  to get on the bus….

1)Your Passport

2)Payment $60 in an Sealed envelope with your name on it or a cheque to Gladstone with your name and student number on the back.

3)Your robot brought from home and taken home after the trip (we do NOT have access to the school on Saturday)

So we will be leaving the Front of Gladstone at 5:30 am and arriving back some time between 10:30 and 11:00 pm.

Courtenay 2012 (Vancouver Island VEX Robotics Tournament) Jan 27-28

Courtenay will be hosting a tournament on Friday Jan 27 2012 to Saturday Jan 28 2012.

We will travel by bus to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal and then continue with the same bus to Courtenay B.C.

We will leave on Friday (time to still be determined) and will stay overnight at the local Travel lodge.  We will help set up the fields and such on Friday and get some practice rounds in too.  Saturday morning and afternoon will see the tournament run and Saturday evening we will return to Gladstone.

The cost of this trip will be aproximately 110 to 120 dollars, including bus from Gladstone, BC Ferry from Horseshoe bay to Departure bay and back, Accomidation (TravelLodge 4 ppl sharing), and tournament registration.

We will either be catching the 12:30 or 3:30 ferry on Friday.

So students will to bring food or money for the following meals.

Friday Lunch, Supper

Saturday Lunch, Supper (TravelLodge has a breakfast service included)

More details can be found at this link about the specific tournament

this link will provide some details and we will provide more details as they become available.


2nd place VEX Robotics World Championships 2011 Programming Challenge

Months of work and countless hours of strategizing, designing, building and programming have lead to an amazing result.

Team 2 A placed 2nd in the world in the Programming Challenge.

They were narrowly outscored by the defending world champ and our team beat the 3rd place team by nearly 40 points.

We are very proud of the students and their efforts.

Congratulations Gladstone!

Gladstone Rocks at the BC Championships held at BCIT Saturday march 12th 2011

This last weekend, Gladstone’s Robotics teams had some amazing results at the BC VEX Robotics Championships held at B.C.I.T.

In Division B
2B (our first ever Grade 8 team) was awarded a “Judge’s award” for engineering design
2G was one three teams that made up the alliance that finished second
2N was one three teams that made up the alliance that were the Div B tournament Champions.
2X was awarded a “Build Award for engineering design
2X won the robot skills challange part of the Div B competition

In Division A
2K was awarded a “Create Award” for engineering innovation
2K won the “Rookie Team of the Year” for the Pacific Northwest.
2K was one three teams that made up the alliance that were the tournament Champions
2A was one three teams that made up the alliance that were the tournament Champions
2A won the Programming skill part of the Div A competition

of special note:
The members of 2 A and 2K have been accepted to BCIT’s engineering program when they graduate from high school.

Congratulations, to all ouf our teams!